Friday, January 14, 2011

Love is Sweet

Cake should not only look beautiful, but it should taste good (duh)!

I had so much fun doing six cake testings, and found which place fit just what I wanted with flavor and price and found myself at the gym doing more cardio...

Here is what my endeavours brought me to believe...

Greg Marsh is good, but a little over rated (you pay for his name - $$$).

Chocolate Bluebird cake was a little dry for my taste,
but their Hawaiian cake is to die for! (reasonably priced).

Cakes by Jeanette was a sweet lady with delicious cakes!

Simple Perfections is a nice lady with dirty fingernails...puke! Enough said.

Pastry Perfection is exactly what it says...perfection! They had delicious flavors (vs. cookie cutter like most other ones I tasted), their designs were beautiful (you could also bring in your own picture and they would do it), and they were also the best priced! 3 cakes, 1 fork...wham bam, thank you ma'am!

We also wanted cupcakes, so we had a girlfriend do our pastries - Amanda Lawrence! She had tasting samples (even the "healthier" recipes that I found, she made them up as another taste test) and was amazing with the delivery and set up of our delicious treats!

Here are more ideas for your inspiration...


  1. Thank you SO much for posting this! I am a Boise bride and had no idea where to start with looking for someone to make my cake. This makes it considerably easier!

  2. You're welcome!! I'm glad it helps! Keep checking back as I post more info! =)