Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Decor - "Be Twice Inspired"

There is a sale that goes in on Boise, twice a year, called Be Twice Inspired.

It's basically a place where previous brides bring their decorations, centerpieces, candles, tablecloths, chocolate fountains, and anything else you may need, to one place, where you can buy what your heart desires for cheap!

When: February 25-26, 2011    Item Drop-Off: February 23-24


Where: Studio J  
       Downtown Boise's new wedding venue!     1322 W Main  Boise, ID  83702

Be the first to browse the selection of items for your wedding...
$5 tickets online or at the door

$5 tickets online or at the door

If you are a former Bride that has things for Sale,

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